The Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC)


The Students Union of Chancellor College is the main students’ organization. By virtue of being a student at Chancellor College, every student is a member of the union. The primary mandate of the Union is to ensure the welfare of students at Chancellor College, in their academic and social lives. To this end, the Union works closely with the University Administration in all matters relating to students. It ensures student participation in all matters related to students.

SUCC also takes as its mandate the cultivation of worthy qualities among its members, to train and prepare them for future service to the community.

Executive Comittee

The SUCC Executive Committee comprises the following offices, which comprise the main office bearer and his or her deputy:

  1. Office of the President of SUCC
  2. Office of the General Secretary
  3. Office of the Treasurer-General
  4. Office of the Speaker
  5. The Directorate of Catering
  6. The Directorate of Entertainment
  7. The Directorate of Sports
  8. The Directorate of Publications, Information and Publicity
  9. The Directorate of Academic Affairs
  10. The Directorate of Women’s Affairs
  11. Representatives of UMSU (two members)
  12. Ordinary members (four)
  13. Extraordinary portfolio approved by two-thirds of the Executive

The College Principal acts as the patron of SUCC.