The Sports Complex

The sports complex at Chancellor College is a multi-purpose building primarily intended for sporting activity. It brings sports, food, drink, beauty/grooming and administrative business under one building, properly apportioned for student convenience:


The complex features:

  • A gymnasium, equipped with weights and other resistant equipment for those who would like to body build and sculpt
  • A squash court, and a number of table-tennis tables
  • Outside the main building is a basketball court, a netball court, a volleyball court, as well as a tennis court



Open Time

Students may partake in any of these sports at any time of the day. However, Chancellor College normally reserves Thursday afternoons as the official time for sporting activities. The Sports Complex also houses a storeroom where sporting equipment is kept.


The Complex Bar

Apart from sports, the complex is typically known for its bar that is stocked with beverages, assorted drinks and snacks.


It has a recreational pool table and darts board for the use of customers. A flat screen television is perched on the wall for students who would like to catch up on the latest in music videos or sports.

Reprographic Services

The Complex also houses a printing shop for student’s administrative business, and next to it a saloon for hair and boutique for beauty products. 


On the bottom floor is fast-food restaurant for that quick bite—before class, or that swift supper—before the library evening study session. Students may opt to eat at the restaurant or to take away their food to the hostels and dorm rooms. 

Haircutting Services

Outside the bottom floor of the sports complex is a line of barbers for men’s hair grooming. 

Students Union

The offices of the Students Union are also located within the Sports Complex building. 

We believe it: if it’s not academic, it is probably at the sports complex.