Department of Population Studies

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.

The Department of Population Studies at Chancellor College is the premier institution in Malawi offering exposure to skill required by the government and many other agencies to understand the implications of the population dynamics on the country, Africa, and the entire world. 


Initially formed as the Demographic Unit, we offered a two-year demography curriculum. In 2003, the Unit was converted into a standalone department, renamed the department of Population Studies. The teaching of demography and population studies is now designed into a four-year undergraduate program to introduce graduates to demography and population studies.

Courses Offered

Courses offered in the department provide a broad and substantive background that widens students’ worldview and opportunities. They equip the students with core demographic methods and techniques and their applications that prepare them to pursue careers as population analysts (population and poverty, environment, development), program/project planners and managers, social researchers and monitoring and evaluation experts.