Department of Philosophy

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.


The department of Philosophy was formally instituted in 1978.


Its vision is to become a global leading school of philosophy committed to professionalism, commitment, collegiality, excellence, integrity, open-mindedness and international research collaboration.


Apart from focusing on teaching and other duties, the Department of Philosophy concentrates on innovative research in both theoretical and applied philosophy. Currently there is a joint research programme in applied ethics, and there are further prospects of extending research into other areas in applied philosophy. 

Services Offered

As one of the fastest growing departments at Chancellor College, the Department of Philosophy contributes courses to the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) programme. The department also enrols students into its Bachelor of Arts (Mature Entry) Philosophy Major programme. The department further offers a Master of Arts in Philosophy Programme. Through these courses, students are imparted with skills in critical thinking and reasoning, analytical skills and techniques in applied philosophy.


Members of staff in the department have personal research interests cutting across various fields such as: African Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Political Philosophy, Science and Technology, and Metaphysics.