Department of Language and Communication Skills

The Language and Communication Skills Department, which is housed in the Faculty of Humanities, serves students registered in all faculties at Chancellor College. The department also co-ordinates the Faculty-basedBachelor of Arts Communication and Cultural Studies programme.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Language and Communication Skills is to initiate and foster education, research and consultancy, and outreach programs in the related disciplines of language, communication and culture in response to national development goals relating to local, regional and international trends.

What We Offer

The department offers academic literacy skills within the tradition of English for Specific purposes to all faculties. Students registered in academic literacy are trained in academic writing skills, presentations skills, as well as research skills. The department also contributes a wide variety of courses in communication and culture to the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Cultural Studies program.

Other Ventures

The department also offers a wide range of knowledge and skill-based short courses, seminars, and workshops in human and mediated communication as part of its outreach endeavors.