Department of Human Ecology

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.


The Department of Human Ecology was originally the Department of Home Economics. The change of name was effected in 2011, due to the realization that the department had expanded its research interests and course offerings.

Areas of Focus

This is one of the departments in the Faculty of Science. It has two main areas of focus, which also form the basis for the two sections of the department – Food Science and Nutrition, and Family and Consumer Sciences. 

Food and Nutriton Sciences

Under the section of food and nutrition sciences, the department does research and offers courses on the study of foods, with regard to the nutritive value of food, food preservation, food safety, food processing, as well as the sensory evaluation of food.

This section also does research in meal management. Members of staff in the department are also interested in ways of improving the nutrition of various communities within the country. Related to this is research investigating existing links between nutrition and disease.

Family Consumer Sciences

The Family and Consumer Sciences section takes as its mandate conducting research on how resources are used within families. This section studies

  • early childhood and human development,
  • textiles and design,
  • interior design,
  • housing and environment as well as
  • family resource management, among others.


The department serves students registered under the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education, but also houses the Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition.