Department of English

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.

The English Department is one of the mainstays of Chancellor College, a place where students are trained in the reading, critique and practice of literatures from all over the globe.


Our focus is on the teaching of classic and contemporary trends in the reading, criticism and practice of literature and literary theory.

The purview of the English department has been studying of literatures from all over the globe. We have qualified staff who specialise in classic English literatures from the British World as well as the American continent. Additionally, some of our staff have literature from the African continent as their area of specialisation. We therefore engage students in discussions and analyses of classic and emerging texts from these areas, with an emphasis on the way these literatures reflect, inform and critique our contemporary world.

The most recent area of focus in the department is the critique of film, particularly cinematographic practice from within the African continent. The English Department does not only train students in the reading of texts; we are also geared towards sharpening creative instincts possessed by our students. In that regard, we offer courses in creative writing. We extend this mission through acting as patrons for the Writers’ Workshop, a student organisation geared towards the writing and criticism of literature.

Graduate Programmes

The English Department also offers Masters and PhD programmes in Literature.