Department of Education Foundation Studies

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.

The Education Foundations Department is one of the departments under the Faculty of Education. It offers the foundation courses under BEd (Primary / Secondary Education) that all education students at Chancellor College are supposed to take.

What we offer

The department offers a range of courses on the theory and practice in education. These courses touch on the areas of sociology, philosophy, and economics. Within the department, we also train students in instructional media and technology, as well as teaching, measurement and evaluation. We are also concerned with the psychological aspect of education, both for teachers and students, and therefore offer courses in educational psychology, guidance and counselling, and adolescent psychology.

Postgraduate Programmes

The department offers a Masters of Education in Policy, Planning and Leadership, a Masters of Education in Sociology of Education, a Masters of Education in Educational Psychology, and a Masters of Education in Testing, Measurement and Evaluation.