Department of Biological Sciences

More and detailed information about the department to be available on its upcoming official department website.


The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the departments in the Faculty of Science. It focuses on teaching and research in the natural sciences. 


The Department has a vision of being a centre of excellence in Biological Sciences by delivering adequate theoretical and practical skills that effectively contributes towards various activities at national and international levels including the surrounding communities in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Environmental and ecological monitoring
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Mining; health
  • Cimate change
  • Agriculture; biotechnology
  • Botanical studies and research
  • Zoological studies and research.  

In addition it is the only department in Malawi offering a wide range of diverse biological science courses comprising of botanical, zoological, ecological, and genetic and molecular biology, including biochemistry. 


Members of staff and students in the department are engaged in various research activities owing to the availability of the different specialised laboratories such as:

  • The Molecular Biology and Ecology Research Unit
  • Medical Entomology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab and the Biological Field station at Cape Maclear in Mangochi.

Professional Services

The department also provides professional services to several government departments and the private sector in the following:

  • Environmental
  • Biodiversity
  • Wildlife
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Molecular Biology and DNA Analysis
  • Cological Baseline aAsessments and Environmental Social Impact Assessment

Graduate Studies

The Department offers the Master of Science (Biology) by Research, the Master of Science in Conservation Biology, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Biology) by Research.