College Cafetaria

Dining on Campus

All students that have residence on campus are supposed to use the College Cafeteria as the main dining area. The cafeteria serves satisfying, healthy, and well-balanced meals. It is divided into two buildings, Cafeteria A and Cafeteria B, with a central kitchen area that services both sides. Students are free to get their food in either of these buildings. The Cafeteria also has comfortable chairs and dining tables where students can sit and partake of their meals.


Quality of Service

The college always ensures that the cafeteria has well qualified chefs with supporting culinary staff, who ensure that the food for the students meets the highest standards of hygiene. It offers savoury and affordable meals from breakfast to supper.


The Cafeteria also caters for students who may have dietary restrictions due to health or religion.



Presently, the Cafeteria is run by the Human Ecology Department