Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chancellor College located?

The college is located in Zomba, the old capital city of Malawi. The college and the city have become so intertwined over the years that the city is now seen as a college town. Zomba is a short drive away from Blantyre, Malawi’s largest commercial city. Being located in the city means students have easy access to various shops, and can also take time to visit the famous Zomba mountain, home to the Napolo myth.

What kinds of qualifications does Chancellor College offer?

There are a variety of programmes offered by the different faculties at Chancellor College. The main qualifications offered are Bachelor’s degrees in a range of disciplines. These programmes normally take 4 years to complete. Additionally, the various faculties and departments also offer a range of postgraduate programmes, both at Masters and PhD level. Finally, there are also opportunities to enrol for short training courses in a number of areas, upon completion of which candidates are awarded certificates.

Is there accommodation provided for new students?

All students are accepted on non-residential basis. Students have to apply for the limited number of college run rooms in a number of hostels. Room allocation is done through a random mechanism, with preference only given to students with disabilities. If students are unable to secure college accommodation, they are free to apply for accommodation at several surrounding privately owned flats and houses.

Where can students access food?

There are a number of places that offer food on campus. The main dining facility is the college cafeteria. Students may purchase food here at an affordable price. However, there are other privately run restaurants around campus.

Are there opportunities for student internment at Chancellor College?

Yes. Occasionally, various faculties and departments offer students opportunities to be attached to selected organisations in Malawi during the vacation period. Students may also have the opportunity to assist in research projects run by members of staff at Chancellor College. Occasionally, organisations may invite applications from students for attachment opportunities.

How can I contact Chancellor College?

The main location for getting in touch with chancellor college management is the college website Additionally, interested parties can contact the Registrar at The college reception can be reached telephonically at (265)1-524-222. 

Does the college offer counselling services for students?

Yes. Chancellor College management realises that he rigors of academic and social life can result in all forms of stress. Counselling services can be accessed at three different locations. Students can consult the College Chaplain to discuss any matter, especially those of a spiritual nature. Additionally, students are free to consult the Dean of Students to discuss any issue pertaining to their welfare. Finally, the Psychology Department offers counselling services for any students that may be suffering from any form of mental anguish. These offices are available for students who have problems emanating from any aspect of their lives at Chancellor College. 

Does the Chancellor College accept students with disabilities?

Yes. Chancellor College is one of the few institutions of higher learning in Malawi that accommodates students with disabilities. Over the recent years, the college has seen a change in infrastructure aimed at improving accessibility for students with physical disabilities. The college also features a Special Needs centre, which is aimed at ensuring that students with disabilities are not disadvantaged in access to information. Among other things, this special needs centre ensures the production of materials in Braille for students with visual impairment. Additionally, staff and students are sensitized on ways in which they can avoid discrimination against students with disabilities.

At what time are lectures offered at Chancellor College?

The official periods of operation at Chancellor College are from 7.30am to 4.30pm, from Monday to Friday. However, the college also offers a number of weekend courses. Additionally, staff and students can arrange for lectures and discussions outside these hours.

Does the college offer opportunities for bursaries and scholarships?

As a potential student from outside Malawi, what do I need to be admitted at Chancellor College?




Chancellor College is located in Zomba, the old capital city of Malawi. It is about 2kms from Zomba's main trading centre at a location called Chirunga.

Getting to Chancellor college is simple, apart from driving yourself you can use any of the modes below.

  • Walking - see map
  • Taxi from town
  • Hired Bicycles (Kabaza) from towm