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Book chapters - faculty of humanities

Year published 2016

Animals, Nostalgia, and Zimbabwe’s Rural Landscape in the Poetry of Chenjerai Hove and MusaemuraZimunya

In Natures of Africa: Ecocriticism and Animal Studies in Contemporary Cultural Forms. Ed. F. Fiona Moolla.

Johannesburg: Wits University Press, pp. 276-303.

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Year published 2016

A Different Yardstick:

Gender and Political Leadership.

In Political Discourse in Women and Politics in Malawi. Ed Inge Amundsen and Happy Kayuni. Women in Politics in Malawi.

Bergen & Zomba: CMI & PAS: 57-70.

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Year published 2015

A Review of the Scholarship on HELM Training in Africa.

Leadership and Management: Case Studies in Training in Higher Education in Africa. Cape Town: African Minds: 3-16. Available at: http://www.africanminds.co.za/wpcontent/uploads/2015/07/9781920677893_txt1.pdf

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