Water,Sanitation, Health and Appropriate Technology Development (WASHTED)

The overall objective of WASHTED is to contribute towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development targets on water and sanitation in Malawi. With this in mind, the Centre aims to build capacity in the field of water supply, sanitation, and environmental management in Malawi. The centre particularly aims to ensure the following in all areas of its work:

  1. Supply of technology which must be village operated and designed;
  2. Community Based Management (CBM) to avoid features of donor or government driven systems which have fallen into disrepair for lack of maintenance capacity;
  3. Hygiene Education and Sanitation Promotion (HESP) which must be a central element of any water project.

Director: Masangwi, S. BSc Mlw
Postal Address: The Polytechnic, Private Bag 303, Blantyre 3,
Telephone: (265) 1 870 411
Fax: (265) 1 870 578
E-Mail: smasangwi@poly.ac.mw
Website www.poly.ac.mw/washted