College of Medicine Research Support Centre (CoMREC)

The CoM Research Support Centre was established in 2006 to support local researchers in designing and conducting clinical research; to introduce ICH-Good Clinical Practice (GCP) quality research standards; to provide comprehensive training in GCP, Research Methodology, Grant Proposal Writing, Statistical Analysis and Data Management; and to manage research grants with the overall goal of developing a research agenda and climate that will allow sustainable and successful competition for international grants and local research that impact local health policy.

Director: F Maliwichi, C. MSc, PhD
Clinical Research Associate: Misiri T. Bsc Mlw
Clinical Research Associate: Ngwira, A. BSc Mlw
Data Manager: Samuel, V. BSc Mlw
Grants Administrator: Funsanani, M. BBA Mlw, MBA Mlw
Administrator: Manda, D.L. BSoc(Hons), MA Natal, PhD Kwazulu- Natal
Administrator: Khama, M. BA Mlw
  • Private Bag 360
  • Chichiri
  • Blantyre 3
  • Malawi.

  • Tel: +265 1 871 911/ 1 877 245/ 1 877 291
  • Fax: +265 1 874 700