Natural Resources and Environmental Centre

Natural Resources and Environment Centre (NAREC) was established in 1999 in the Faculty of Science, Chancellor College, as a market-based need, to provide an institutional infrastructure and capacity for research, training and consultancy in environmental issues and natural resources management. The Centre was developed based on the philosophy of having a more virtual-like structure where research teams are drawn from diverse expertise existing within college, with special focus on knowledge and skills from researchers in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and Earth Sciences, Human Ecology, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Departments.

Over the years NAREC has been instrumental in capacity building, research proposals writing and has participated in national environmental policy reviews and curriculum reviews in environmental sciences. The centre has also coordinated projects in the following areas:

  • Assessing capacities of village-based natural resources committees in some districts in Malawi with Co-ordination Unit for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (CURE) under the sponsorship of Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust (MEET).
  • Environmental coping strategies adopted by communities in the wake of HIV/AIDS pandemic under Population Studies Department.
  • Ecosystems services project with Michigan State University (USA), Lincoln University (USA) and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) under Higher Education Department (USA)/USAID.
  • Soil carbon project with Michigan State University under Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) through National Science Foundation (NSF, USA)/USAID
  • Climate change related projects under Canadian International Agency for Development (CIDA), International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada), Rockefeller Foundation,
  • Psycho-remediation as an adaptation measure to climate change vulnerability at rural wastewater treatment plants led by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, South Africa).
  • Unlocking the potential for rural groundwater supply water with British Geological Survey and Sheffield University, University of Makerere, University of Addis Ababa under NERC/DFID/ESRC
  • Social cash transfer and rural youth poverty in Malawi with Brunel University, University of Dundee, National University of Lesotho, Hull University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences under DFID/ESRC
  • Other water projects under Southern African Centres of Excellence in Water (SANWATCE) with some universities in SADC under European Union (EU), African Union (AU).
  • Fisheries integration for society habilitation (FISH) with Rhode Island under USAID

Director: Jimmy Namangale, BSc (Hons) Mlw, MSc, PhD Sheff
  • Chancellor College
  • P.O. Box 280
  • Zomba
  • Malawi