Education Research and Training (CERT)

The Centre for Educational Research and Training (CERT) was established in 1991. CERT was until 1995 a World Bank/Ministry of Education/University of Malawi project. It is now fully administered by the University of Malawi under the School of Education at Chancellor College. Among other functions, CERT initiates and carries out research on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Cooperating Partners and Non-Governmental Organisations interested in education and related fields. It also provides training in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, report writing, simulation models, data analysis and project evaluation.

Director: Maluwa-Banda, D.W., DipEd, Bed Mlw, BEd (Hons), MEd,Brand, PhD, Alberta
Assoc. Res. Prof Chimombo J.P.G BSocSc Mlw, Med Bris, PhD, Sussex
Research Fellows Kadzamira, E.C. BSocSc Mlw, DipEd, MA (Ed) Lond
Chiwaula, L. - BEd Mlw, MA Kobe
Chiuye, G. M. - BEd Mlw, MEd, PhD Akron
Selemani Meke, E. - BEd Mlw, MEd Virginia, PhD Fort Hare
Postal Address: P. O. Box 280, Zomba, MALAWI
Telephone: (265) 1 524 222
Fax: (265) 1 525 061