University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU)

Formed for the benefit of all the Students of the University of Malawi, the University of Malawi Students Union provides students a voice, services that are useful and Representation they deserve

The University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) Council, which handles all administrative matters, forms the executive body of the students’ union. Each of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi is Represented at the Council by three members, making it fifteen member committee.

The following are the members of the current UMSU Executive Council:

President : Tionge Daston Sikwese
Vice President: Godfrey Pumbwa
Secretary General: Dalitso Dulani
Treasurer General: Emmanuel Maliro
Male Council Rep / Entertainment Director. : Temweka Gondwe
Female Council Rep/ Women Welfare : Silvester Ayuba James
SUCC Transport Director : Flexon Ngulinga
COMSU Transport Director : Thomas Msampha
KCNSU Transport Director : Emmanuel Kaliwo
PSU Transport Director :
Sports Direcror . Laura Ng'ambi