Greetings dear alumni, dear friends

You have made a right choice by visiting this page. University of Malawi (Unima) Alumni Association brings together the 50,000 plus alumni who have over the past 50 years passed through the corridors of the University’s constituent colleges including Bunda College of Agriculture (before it became part of Luanar) Chancellor College, College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing and The Polytechnic. The Association gives all alumni the unique opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater, former faculty and dedicated staff who shaped their professional lives as well as former college friends.

The association is established within the provisions of the laws of Malawi. Section 4 (1) f of Unima Act (1998) provides that all graduates of the University are members of the university. In addition, the Act also provides that the Alumni Association shall elect one member of the University Council.

Through the alumni association, Unima is proud to have strong and reliable ambassadors who are ready to contribute to resource mobilization for the growth of the university, who can serve as guest speakers or motivational speakers to freshmen/women and at graduation ceremonies as well as participate in various university events such as annual fairs and celebrations.

We are currently in the formative stage of the association. As such we seek your support in terms of registering your name in our directory, raising awareness about the existence of the association, providing technical and financial support to help with the running of the association, and participating in meetings and events organized by the association.

The leadership of the association is committed to serve and ensure its strategic growth. However, our vision of leadership is that of shared responsibility. Since we are stronger together, we call upon all the alumni to be actively involved and breathe something new into the life of the association.

For a moment, just pause and reflect on those nice memories while at UNIMA and think how different your life would have been without passing through its corridors. Feel proud of your alma mater, and do something to show this pride!

If you need more information, please send your email to: unimaalumniassociation@gmail.com or call the Association President on +265 88 00 25678.

Limbani Nsapato President