University of Malawi Alumni Association

The Association has been inactive for a while. However, University Management has embarked on a project to resuscitate the association. At the moment, management is leading the establishment the association’s chapters in the various regions of the country. All past students of the University of Malawi and any other interested individuals can become members of the association. The executive committee of the association shall be elected every two years.

The main goal of the Alumni Association is to support and strengthen financial sustainability, governance and academic/professional excellence of the University of Malawi.

The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Provide a platform for networking, opportunities for collaborating with the industry and to bring the university closer to the community.
  2. Offer advice and ideas on issues affecting university policy on students’ affairs, management and research.
  3. Engage it in activities such as:
    • Mobilizing resources for the University (e.g. acquire books for the university libraries, hold annual alumni fun fares and other fund raising events etc.
    • Collecting Membership Contributions
    • Initiating Partnerships with local Organizations
    • Carrying out Income generating activities

The University of Malawi would like members of Unima Alumni to contribute to the development of the University so that it continues to provide relevant world class education, research and services for sustainable development of Malawi and the region.

For purposes of sustainability, a UNIMA Alumni Secretariat has been established and shall be coordinated by the University Finance Officer. All members of the UNIMA Alumni are requested to sign-up to the secretariat so that they are included on the association’s mailing list.

Alumni Discussion Forum
This is a platform where all registered members of the Unima Alumni discuss different topical issues affecting their Alma Mater. Any member can be part of this discussion group provided they sign-up for membership.

Details on registration, registration fees and any other information can be obtained from the address below:

  • The University Finance Officer
  • University Office
  • P.O. Box 278, Zomba, Malawi
  • Tel: +265 (0) 1 526 622
  • Email: ufo@unima.mw