University Internal Auditor

In 2003, Council of the University of Malawi upgraded its internal audit function to a strategic level in response to the internal auditing evolution from an inspection-focused, box-ticking process to an essential governance activity in organizations. The University Internal Auditor UIA) is the Head of Internal Audit Department and Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor, the University Registrar and Principals on matters concerning independent and objective audit services.
He is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing audit policies, plans and procedures. The UIA undertakes critical reviews of the implementation of audit recommendations. This is the office that examines the economy, effectiveness and efficiency of all levels of management. The UIA also drafts audit reports, supervises and appraises staff as well servicing the Audit Committee of University Council.



The current University Internal Auditor is Mr. Elwyn Andrew Kuntenga. Mr Kuntenga is a holder of a Master of Science Degree in Internal Audit Management and Consultancy (Birmingham City University), Bachelor of Accountancy (Unima) and Post Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Internal (Birmingham City University) and Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) with International Academy of Buisness and Financial Management (IABFM-Singapore). He has previously held senior executive management and audit positions in the public service before joining the University (e.g. Chief Internal Auditor, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security; Training Coordinator, Central Internal Audit Unit; Internal Auditor, Ministry Transport and Public Infrastructure) The UIA is a member of and collaborates with the Institutes of Internal Auditors (Malawi), Society of Accountants in Malawi. Collaboration also extends to the Central Internal Audit Unit and the National Audit Office – the key public integrity institutions. These linkages help to ensure that the UIA is abreast with new technical developments in the field of internal auditing.