Mr. Henry C. Chiwaya: University Finance Officer

The University Finance Officer is the the head of Finance Department and Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor , the University Registrar and Principals on matters concerning financial policy in the University and is responsible for providing leadership to the Finance Department of the University. The University Finance Officer is in charge of the finances and investments of the University. The office of University Officer is also responsible for helping to determine the finance, investment and resource mobilization strategies for operations and developments of the University. This is the office that is also responsible for monitoring the financial and investment undertakings; including expenditure and revenue of all cost centers of the University, and periodically reporting the same to the office of the Vice –Chancellor. 

The University Finance Officer also oversees the development and consolidation of the recurrent and development budgeting and controls and lends expertise to Management and Staff in areas of payroll, insurance and project management.
The University Finance Officer is assisted by competent College Finance Officers, Accountants, auditors and other qualified individuals in managing the finances of the University and introducing innovative and creative strategies of raising revenue.



The current University Finance Officer is Mr. Henry C. Chiwaya. He is a holder of Bachelor of Social Science (Economics major), Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration (ESAMI)