University Strategic plan 2012-2017

This plan is designed to place University of Malawi among the few, great universities and it was built on everything that has previously been accomplished for University of Malawi and it recognizes the hard work, dedication and incredible talents of many people who positioned our university for this next giant leap.

The plan was developed through months of collaboration by key University of Malawi stakeholders, including faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, friends, legislators on education committee, council members, community and business captains. It is a plan grounded in diverse perspectives, a plan that has emerged from the broad University of Malawi community. Our plan promotes excellence in student learning, experiences and outcomes. It focuses on expanding student access, knowledge generation and utilization.

Our plan is also aimed at moving discoveries out of the laboratories so they can benefit people, society and the economy. Our plan will develop students with credentials they need for success and leadership. This is among the most exciting times in the long, great history of University of Malawi and I know the entire University community is looking forward to the opportunity to take part in this transformational effort. Our challenges are great. But University of Malawi members of staff are even greater.