University of Malawi Alumni Association

The main goal of the Alumni Association is to support and strengthen financial sustainability, governance and academic/professional excellence of the University of Malawi.

To advance knowledge, promote wisdom and understanding and provide services by engaging in teaching and research and by facilitating the dissemination, promotion, and preservation of learning responsive to the needs of Malawi and the world.

The University of Malawi would like members of Unima Alumni to contribute to the development of the University of Malawi so that it continues to provide relevant world class education, research and services for sustainable development of Malawi and the world.

For purposes of sustainability of activities, a Unima Alumni secretariat has been established and shall be coordinated by the University Finance Officer. All members of the Unima Alumni are requested to sign-up to the secretariat so that they are included on our mailing list and forum.

The Alumni Discussion Forum

This is a platform where all registered members of the alumni list are able to discuss different topics surrounding the University of Malawi. Members are allowed to create topics in a wide range of categories and able to receive comments from others on their created topic.

You can only be part of this discussion group if you sign-up for membership. You will have a username and password that you will have to use to login each time you would want to participate in the discussions.