UNIMA Senior Leadership Retreat

Mulanje from 18-19th February, 2014  

PANGeA Board meeting

16-17th May, Sun n Sand, Mangochi  

UNIMA Graduation at the Great Hall in Zomba

University of Malawi Central Administration Offices located in the City of Zomba

University of Strathclyde and University of Malawi Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony

Students discussing human anatomy - College of Medicine

Chancellor College

Chancellor College - The Great Hall

The Polytechnic Library

Kamuzu college of Nursing (KCN) - Students having a discussion

Kamuzu college of Nursing (KCN) - Students set off for community visits

Chancellor College - Library

One of the constituent Colleges of University of Malawi

UNIMA Quality Assurance  


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The University of Malawi (UNIMA) is pleased to announce names of candidates who have been selected to pursue various generic programmes for the 2014/2015 academic year on non-residential government and self-sponsored basis and results of the 2014 University Entrance Examinations (UEE).

During the selection process, Government sponsored candidates were selected first using the equity system of admitting students into institutions of higher learning. Under this arrangement, the top ten candidates from each district were offered places first and the rest were selected based on both merit and the size of the population of their district of origin. Thereafter, self-sponsored candidates were selected based on merit and consideration was only for the candidates who were not successful under the government sponsored entry but had expressed willingness (on their 2014 UEE answer sheet and application form) to be considered for self-sponsored entry should they not qualify for government sponsored entry.

The public is informed that a total of 12,655 candidates (11,539 last year) sat for the 2014 University Entrance Examinations (UEE) and out of these, 4,126 were females and 8,529 were males representing 33% and 67% respectively. 10,495 candidates (10,328 last year) passed the 2014 UEE (i.e. reached a combined aggregate of UEE and MSCE pass mark of 50% and above), representing 83% pass rate. Of the candidates that passed, 3,015 were females and 7,480 were males.

In addition to the candidates that were required to sit for UEE, the University also received 9 applications from candidates with special needs who were exempted from writing the UEE and 30 applications from candidates who were not required to sit for UEE because they had qualifications higher than the MSCE.

From the total pool of applicants, a total of 2,000 candidates (1,909 last year) have been selected to pursue various programmes at the University of Malawi. Of these, 1,552 (778 females and 774 males) are government sponsored candidates, 435 (172 females and 263 males) are Malawian self-sponsored candidates and 13 (9 females and 4 males) are international candidates. The gender spread of all the selected candidates is 959 females and 1041 males representing 48% and 52% respectively (45% females and 55% males last year). The public may also wish to note that all the 9 special needs candidates have been selected under the government sponsored entry.

All successful candidates should note that they shall be required to find and pay for their own accommodation and meals. However, government sponsored candidates shall be paid a monthly allowance each semester of an academic year on pro rata basis to cater for their accommodation and meals.

Candidates who would like to stay on campus should apply for accommodation to their respective colleges and, if accepted, they will be required to pay the college for the same. Candidates are advised that college accommodation is limited and that this shall be allocated based on individual college criteria which can be sought from the office of Dean of Students at each college. In allocating accommodation spaces, colleges shall prioritise the special needs candidates.

Candidates are further advised that the starting date for the 2014/2015 academic year shall be announced by each college in due course. The tuition fees per academic year are as follows:

1          Malawians candidates of all categories:

  1. All programmes – MWK275,000.00.

2          International candidates by region:

  1. Media for Development at Chancellor College: SADC = $1,200.00 USD, Non-SADC = $1,800.00 USD.
  2. Medicine and Surgery at College of Medicine: SADC = $5,000.00 USD, Non-SADC = $8,000.00 USD.
  3. Bachelor of Accountancy at the Polytechnic: SADC and Non-SADC = $3,350.00 USD.

The fees can be paid in full during registration of the first semester or in two equal instalments at the beginning of each semester of an academic year. The fees/contribution shall be subject to change from time to time.

The list of successful candidates is available on all official notice boards of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi and on the following websites www.unima.mw. www.cc.ac.mw, www.poly.ac.mw, www.kcn.unima.mw and www.medcol.mw. The list can also be accessed from the following public group on Facebook: University of Malawi Admissions.

Further details regarding the 2014 intake and results of the UEE can be obtained from the University Office during working days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. using the following phone numbers: (+265) 1 526 622 (switchboard line), (+265) 997 550 376 (hotline), (+265) 882 244 556 (hotline).

For more college specific information concerning fees, accommodation and other issues, contact the particular College Registrar using the following details:

1  Chancellor College – P.O. Box 280, Zomba, Tel: (+265) 1 524 222, Fax: (+265) 1 524 046, Email: registrar@cc.ac.mw, academic@cc.ac.mw.

College of Medicine – P/Bag 360, Blantyre, Tel: (+265) 1 877 245, Fax: (+265) 1 872 291, Email: registrar@medcol.mw, admissions@medcol.mw.

Kamuzu College of Nursing – P/Bag 1, Lilongwe, Tel: (+265) 1 751 622, Fax: (+265) 1 750 506, Email: registrar@kcn.unima.mw.

The Polytechnic – P/Bag 303, Chichiri, Blantyre, Tel: (+265) 1 870 411, Fax: (+265) 1 870 578, Email: registrar@poly.ac.mw.


University Registrar               Thursday, 4th September, 2014

Click here to see the selection list

UNIMA hosts PANGeA Board meeting

The Partnership for the Next Generation of Academics (PANGeA) is a network grouping of the following universities whose main objective is to support the training of young PhD academics for future academic leadership in African universities: Stellenbosch University, University of Nairobi, University of Botswana, University of Dar es Salaam, Makerere University, University of Ghana and the University of Malawi.

The University of Malawi, which signed a formal MOU for this partnership, has benefited considerably since its inception in 2006. More than 4 staff members from the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences at Chancellor College have already done their PhDs at Stellenbosch under PANGeA scholarships and more than 6 are currently doing their PhDs under the same partnership at Stellenbosch. The partnership is for Humanities and Social Sciences.

This time around University of Malawi hosted the board meeting at Sun n Sand in Mangochi from 16-17th May 2014. During the board meeting the University of Malawi signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with Stellenbosch University for academic partnerships in various areas including joint research, staff and student exchange, external examining, students’ supervision and training e.t.c